Marcelo Morillas was born in Montevideo on December 29, 1971. In adolescence he enters the painting with Professor Francisco Romei. At 20 starts working in press in the design area while he continues to study painting. In 2000 he takes lessons with the renowned master Cléber Lara.

In 2001 he makes his first solo exhibition at the Aurea Gallery and continues to exhibit in various galleries of Montevideo and Punta del Este until 2004. From then, until the year 2011 he dedicates to explore new directions without showing his work to the public..

The new phase finds him at a very distant point from the previous one in which a high palette and pronounced textures with different materials leaded. Today his work is different.It revolves around black and white graphisms made with crayon and acrylic on fibreboard (MDF) in large formats. Strokes and brush strokes are put into perspective and no more.

White spaces acquire greater importance and the virgin color of the support is used with the same importance as a stroke. There is a synthesis, rhythm and balance. Morillas translates what he feels building graphisms in a few strokes, sometimes one or two..

In this fast-paced action (while the crayon covers the support) is when he decides the picture, that is to say, before raising his hand. It is the abstraction of the previous moment to the commencement of the work. From there the picture is developed with liquid acrylic paint to avoid heavy textures.

As for the support MDF (wood fiber), the author finds it a versatile surface that allows him to create firm graphisms, master the rhythm of the painting and also use the color of the wood to achieve the desired color line.His work is present in private collections in Montevideo, New York, Paris, Milan and Madrid.